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Pre Paid Funeral Plans from Blackburn Funeral Services

What is a pre paid funeral plan?

A funeral plan is an easy way to plan ahead to protect against rising funeral costs. At Blackburn Funeral Services, we offer funeral plans from Golden Charter, who are one of the UK’s leading funeral plan providers, working with over 3000 independent funeral directors. Our bespoke funeral plans are individual to you; we will talk you through all the options and advise you of how much you will need to pre-pay for your tailored arrangements. You can then choose to pay for the plan in full, or alternatively, to pay in monthly instalments.

What is included in the plan?

Funeral Directors Services

This includes; transportation of the deceased to our chapel of rest, care of the deceased prior to the funeral, the use of our chapel of rest, your choice of coffin, a hearse to the local crematorium or cemetery, the services of the funeral director and staff to arrange and conduct the funeral in line with all legal obligations and with your wishes. Additional limousines and cremated remains caskets can also be included here.

A Contribution towards Third Party Costs

The cost of a funeral includes certain essential third party costs that are out of the funeral director’s control. These include the fees for cremation or burial, doctor’s fees (for cremation only) fees for the clergy or officiant of the funeral service and any other special requests that you include within your plan. We will include the costs of these elements at today’s prices in your funeral plan. Only if these costs were to increase more that the growth of the plan might there be more to pay at the time of the funeral.

Include all your special requests

A service in church, horse drawn hearse, specific hymns or music, flowers or donations to a specified charity, a funeral reception, orders of service, newspaper notices and any other special requests you may have can all be included within the detail of your plan. We will include the costs of such items at today’s prices – should these items cost more than the contribution within the plan at the time of the funeral, there may be an additional bill to pay.

Where does my money go?

Your money is paid into The Golden Charter Trust which is run by an independent board of trustees, who manage the trust on behalf of the plan holders. Golden Charter is registered with The Funeral Planning Authority and follow its code of practice. Further, they are recommended by The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

How do I take out a Funeral Plan at Blackburn Funeral Directors?

Please call us on 01254 260005 – we will make an appointment for you to meet with one of our funeral directors, either at your home, or ours, whichever is more convenient. There is no obligation to purchase a plan, we are happy to sit and discuss the options with you.

Important Information

Our plans only include a contribution to third party costs, therefore there may still be bill to pay at the time of the funeral. Further, it is important to note that we are not able nor do we seek to give financial advice – this should be sought from a relevant professional person or body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I change my mind?

If you take out a plan with us, and change your mind within our 30 day cooling off period, we will refund all monies paid to us. If you cancel the plan after the 30 day cooling off period, a cancellation charge of £249.00 will apply.

Can I take out the plan for someone else?

Yes, you can take the plan out on behalf of someone else, and we can arrange for all correspondence to be sent to you.

What if I move to a different area of the country?

Your plan can move with you, to a funeral director located closer to your new home.

What happens when I die?
When you take out a plan with us, you will receive a membership pack containing all the details of your bespoke funeral plan. When the time comes, your family simply needs to contact us and we will take care of all the arrangements.

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